Jaime Caloca, M.D.

Avenida Abelardo L. Rodríguez
No. 10 Suite 201 Zona Rio Tijuana,
Tijuana, Baja California,
MEXICO 22320




We are located in the modern "Rio Zone" in Tijuana, Mexico; an easy five minute drive from the San Diego-Tijuana, US-Mexico Border:
  • After crossing the border stay on the far right lane, but do not exit the main avenue.

  • After about ¼ mile you will come to a curve to the left. Stay on your right and follow the "ZONA RIO, Av Paseo de los Heroes" sign to the first "traffic circle" and first stop-light.

  • You will see a tall "scissor blade-like" metal monument in the center and Tijuana's Cultural Center (a round building) to your left. Once here, you must go half way around the traffic circle and continue (EAST) to the next "traffic circle".

  • The second "traffic circle" is the "Cuauhtemoc" monument (a mexican indian figure). Go half way around this monument and continue (EAST) to the third traffic circle.

  • The third "traffic circle" is the "Abraham Lincoln" monument. Go half way around Lincoln and continue (EAST) to the fourth and last traffic circle, which is a figure of a man on a horse.

  • After going 3/4 way around this traffic circle (NORTH), you will see a "Starbucks" coffee Shop and an "Extra" Mini Market right next to it (NORTH-EAST Corner of the Traffic Circle). Our Clinic is located in a Beige-color Four Story Building right next to the Extra Market. We are exactly in front of the "Lucerna" Hotel.

  • Look for the Black Granite Wall with "ELITE MEDICAL CENTER" in gold letters. Our Plastic Surgery clinic is located in suite 201 (second floor) of this medical center.

  • Parking is available exactly in FRONT of the Black Granite wall. Additional parking is available in our underground garage; Members of our staff be glad to assist you.

FROM U.S. Dial:
(619) 734-2290

011 52 664 634 2090,
011 52 664 634 2359
  FROM TIJUANA, please dial:
634 2090,